Reasons To Take Prenatal Vitamins in Early Pregnancy

BlogReasons To Take PrenatalVitamins In Early Pregnancy

Taking Prenatal Vitamins With Folic Acid in Early Pregnancy Are of the Utmost Importance and Must Be Taken Seriously When Considering Getting Pregnant If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, you probably know that it is important for you to get plenty of folic acid. Folic acid helps to reduce brain and…

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Impact of Cosmetics and Beauty Products on Baby in the Womb

Impact of Cosmetics and Beauty Products on baby in womb #pregnancy #pregnant

How Beauty Products Affect Baby in the Womb Hair dyes, particularly those that darken your hair are best avoided during pregnancy. Even  using bleaching and toning products to lighten or highlight hair can introduce harmful toxins into Mom’s system, so it is best to avoid the use of all hair-coloring products until after baby arrives.…

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Impact of Pollutants on Baby in the Womb

IMPACT OF pollutants on baby in the womb #pregnantwomb

Pollutants are Everywhere Virtually all chemicals that a mother is exposed to will cross the placental barrier and be ingested by your baby in the womb. Some chemicals can lead to chromosomal damage in your pre-born, bring on miscarriage, or promote the development of childhood cancers. Avoid traveling to areas where the ozone or smog…

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The Impact of Drugs and Alcohol on Baby In Womb

The Impact of drugs and alcohol on baby in womb #pregnancywomb #pregnant

The Impact of Drugs on Baby If possible avoid ingesting any drugs not prescribed by your obstetrician. This includes creams you rub on your skin to soothe a cut or burn, or to clear up acne. Both prescription drugs and street drugs can cause a toxic environment for baby in womb. It is even possible…

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Your Baby is What You Eat

Your Baby Is What You Eat #pregnancy #pregnant

Its true, your baby is what YOU eat. A mother’s diet is an important factor in the health of the baby. A diet rich in folic acid, along with prenatal vitamins is needed to be sure that the baby’s brain and spinal cord grow properly. Folic acid is one of the B vitamins, and you…

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Baby Development and Senses in Womb

Baby Development and senses in the womb #pregnancywomb

Baby Senses in the Womb 10 weeks By 10 weeks of age pre-borns are capable of swallowing. 14 weeks By 14 weeks they can taste sweet, bitter, and sour flavors circulating in the amniotic fluid. In the liquid womb space a number of acids, salts, and proteins flavor the fluid. 11-15 weeks Between 11 and…

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Pregnancy Womb Enrichment Guide

B Pregnancy Womb Enrichment #pregnancy #pregnancywomb

The pregnancy womb enrichment guide will teach you the basics—how to assure that your womb is a safe place for your baby to live for the first nine months of life—and then move on to discuss your baby’s capabilities for thought and learning. You will learn how to answer your baby when it talks to…

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