The True Leverage of Network Marketing


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!The True Leverage of Network Marketing Why It Pays To Give Every Prospect A Fair Chance by Art Jonak “I was caught in the myopia of ‘a customer for a day’ rather than a customer for life.” —Kevin Abt, Takeout Taxi […]

Network Marketing: Your Top 12 Questions

top 12 questions

Network Marketing Top 12 Questions Because we think most people might have the same questions we’ve been asked recently, I will cover some of the most common – and a few less common questions we’ve been getting. 1. How do I get people to call me back? When you leave a voice mail follow up […]

Network Marketing: Hunting vs Fishing

fishing seaweed

    vs         Hunting                Fishing Hunting vs Fishing In Network Marketing You hunt for the whales and harpoon them one at a time but with a net, you can catch an entire school of tuna all at once. In our business, the “whales” are […]

The 30 Day Mental Fast Challenge

30 day mental fast

“The 30 Day Mental Fast Challenge” (From Jerry d’Rhino Clark) Have you heard of a physical fast? – why do people go on physical fast? A physical fast or cleanse allows the body to detox (get all the toxins out of your body)  Every step is easy to do and easy to not do – […]

Simple Skills for Talking With Your Network Marketing Prospects

networking skills

Simple Skills for Talking With Your Network Marketing Prospects I got a good story. Takes about 2 minutes. Might make you a lot of money, might not. Want to hear it? Would it be okay if? You never have to do to work again You never had to go to the store again to buy […]

Benefits Of Network Marketing Shopping Network

Benefits of getting involved in a network marketing shopping network are endless: Time freedom Financial freedom No more boss Control of your own life – what you do, when and with whom Freedom to travel and work or not work while traveling Because the company is new to the US, greater potential now than later […]

Network Marketing Tips . . .What To Say To Get 50 Appointments

sleeping at desk

From the “Big Al” email newsletter – it’s free and if you are not getting and reading it, you don’t care enough about your business. But before we get to the serious stuff, some fun quotes from his newsletter… Quote from the Big Al newsletter: “There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved […]

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips. . .What To Say & How To Say


Network Marketing Recruiting Tips . . . What To Say & How To Say It! We want to emphasize: people are signing up with you for two reasons only: 1. You.  .  .Your knowledge, expertise and leadership. Because they believe you can help them be successful. 2.  System . . .You offer a business building system […]

Network Marketing Success . . .“Getting Prospects Calling You”

calling you

Success in Network Marketing “Getting Prospects Calling You” The process we will discuss tonight is using short articles and blog posts to get people calling you. What actually happens most is people emailing you, but thatʼs OK too…. Donʼt worry if you arenʼt a writer, Iʼll give you a step by step process to follow […]

Your Network Marketing Team Not Growing?


Secret # 1 – Why Your Team Is Not Growing As You Like Training doesnʼt work! We see lots of examples of people who learn all the details of the system, read all the books and go to all the events but have never signed up a single person. You canʼt just study, you also […]

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