Establishing the Connection

Establishing the Connection Between You and Your Baby

Instructions for Mom:

  1.  Lie down in a comfortable position resting on your back. Let all of the tension leave your body, then take the following steps. It may be helpful to have Dad read the instructions to you as you do the exercise.
  2. Take a deep breath and close your eyes as you ground your body. To ground, make an imaginary connection between the base of your spine, as wide as your hips, to the center of the earth. You may want to envision a cord extending from you to the very core of the planet. Once this is accomplished you will be grounded.
  3. Now, imagine an empty bubble on the outside of your body. It might be in front of your face or over your heart. Ground this bubble by connecting it to the center of the earth with its own cord.
  4. Invite the spirit of your unborn child to fill the bubble. Wait quietly until you feel, or even see, the baby’s spirit arrive with your mind’s eye. You may wish to connect the bubble to your heart   with an imaginary tube. You are now ready to have your first conversation with your baby.
  5. From the top of your head (where the crown chakra is located) create a gold ring which contains the message “Hello, I see you!” Send the gold ring containing your message over to your baby’s bubble. Notice your baby’s reaction to the hello. What happens to the bubble? Do the colors and/or images around your baby change? Does your body feel different?
  6. Now, ask your baby if s/he has anything to tell you. Again, be aware of your body.
  7. To close your conversation send a good-bye in the same way you sent the hello to rest over the baby’s bubble.

This may seem a little strange to you at first, especially if you have no experience with meditation. It is okay if you aren’t able to make contact on your first try. Be patient and try again at another time. Each time you practice this technique it will become easier for you.

Enjoy the journey!


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