Programming Baby’s Sleep Patterns with Music

Programming Baby’s Sleep Patterns with Music

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get your baby to sleep through the night and have alert periods during the day from birth?

Well, you can.

Before bed each night, play a soft relaxing recording that will help relax Mom and allow her to slip peacefully into slumber. In the morning, replace the soothing music with a livelier recording that has a stimulating beat and faster tempo to get the day started.

Play the same music daily beginning as early in pregnancy as possible.

After the baby is born, play the same relaxing tunes in the nursery in the evening as the baby is put to bed, and each morning play the upbeat music to stimulate alertness.

During the day when you want the baby to be alert to nurse, or visit with guests, just pop in the CD of the stimulating music and watch the baby come alive with movement and animated expressions.

Music is the Best Medicine

Music not only brings into harmony the mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit, but also has therapeutic qualities. Fred Schwartz, M. D.6 is an anesthesiologist involved in music medicine.

From his view, consciousness is influenced both chemically and psychotherapeutically to decrease pain, alter recall, and decrease stress during medical procedures such as Cesarean sections or natural birth.

He believes that both music and guided imagery can have powerful healing qualities. In his practice he uses music to speed up labor and decrease the amount of pain experienced by the mother. The benefits of music can be seen during natural childbirth, childbirth under epidural anesthesia, and during C-section.

He proposes that extreme anxiety causes the production of stress hormones called catecholamines that make uterine contractions less efficient and cause fetal distress by decreasing the blood flow to the placenta.

During Cesarean section the mother gets only spinal anesthesia until after the baby is born, and is sometimes uncomfortable as the uterus is being manipulated to deliver the baby. Music helps the mother relax and feel less discomfort.

Dr. Schwartz recommends classical or new age music to add to relaxation.

After birth, he feels that music helps the baby better utilize the oxygen in the environment, and burn calories less quickly to aid the baby in gaining weight.

He also believes that music helps stimulate the baby’s brain to create synaptic connections and neural pathways that boost intelligence and mental functioning since music combines sounds, emotions and movement.

Get your baby moving to the music today, and have a smarter, calmer, and more emotionally connected child for years to come.

Enjoy the journey!


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